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Uploaded by: Victoria adams goodwin

My daughter modelling your design

She is delighted with this dress

Uploaded by: Nicky

Spiral skirt

Spiral crochet skirt

Uploaded by: Alexandra43

Red Eternal Sunshine Tunic

Uploaded by: Priti

Maxi skirt

Boston Proper maxi skirt

Uploaded by: Helen


Beautiful top with filet roses. I followed the grid drawn specially for me but modified the construction a bit to avoid side seams – worked in turned rounds…

Uploaded by: Angela

Free People tunic Yarn from Drops  

Uploaded by: Kathleen

Sara’s Tunic

Uploaded by: Nancy

Crop top

Super pattern from

Uploaded by: Michelle

Maxi dress Impulsion

Maxi dress Impulsion

Uploaded by: Suzanne

Free People tunic

Uploaded by: Nancy

Aeon dresse

I have made this dresse for wearing for my work and for party’s 😍 I like conceptstore😍

Uploaded by: Mary

Boston Proper skirt

Uploaded by: Samantha

Eternal Sunshine filet dress

Filet dress

Uploaded by: Anna

Warmness, back

Warmness sweater, back

Uploaded by: Wendy

Boho dress

DK yarn

Uploaded by: Andrew

Free People tunic

Uploaded by: Anna

Eternal sunshine tunic

Another eternal sunshine tunic I made, in yellow this time

Uploaded by: Angela

Eternal Sunshine colourful tunic

Uploaded by: Veronica

Skirt Trilogy

Very easy an fun to make, I decided to go with a waist band, but got hooked and didn’t want to put it down. I love the result….

Uploaded by: Nicky

Crochet summer dress

Summer dress