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  • Crocheting these motifs was a greatrelaxationafter workanice way to fill
    4 days ago by conceptcreative Crocheting these motifs was a great relaxation after work, a nice way to fill in several spare minutes while I was waiting for my tea ☕ to cool, a creative way to channel my energy from stress to positivity of the quickly growing crochet project - it was definitely better than visiting a psychiatrist, though yarn could be as expensive . . . . I've posted these crochet motifs on my blog in March - browse the the  #freecrochetpattern  section there. . . . Happy crocheting weekend, friends!
  • 12 ways to use these beauties 1 As ready drink
    6 days ago by conceptcreative 12 ways to use these beauties: 1. As ready drink coasters (no more work involved); . . 2. As two ready lacy bookmarks (no more work involved); . . 3. Join both stripes, add a few more motifs and create a bohemian crochet belt (1 hour of crocheting); . . 4. Make more squares and create a book cover (several hours of crocheting); . . 5. Make more motifs and create a table cloth (indefinite time); . . 6. Crochet even MORE motifs and finish another stunning curtain (indefinite time); . . 7. Include as stripes in another garment (in a
  • My cousinaunt is 10 years older than me and she
    7 hours ago by conceptcreative My cousin-aunt is 10 years older than me and she does not like any knit/crochet clothes - last year she bought a knit sweater, put it on and saw ... a 60-years old woman in the mirror . She has donated that sweater without any regrets right away. I asked her about that design - was it a boxy one that made her shape not flattering or was the length wrong for her height? She only mentioned that it was her favorite color and quite roomy. . . We know that most slouchy knit/crochet garments are advertised by young skinny girls.
  • Sport is the best way to check whether your crochet
    3 days ago by conceptcreative Sport is the best way to check whether your crochet tops and sweaters are easy to wear! How was your weekend? . . . Had to postpone working on this colorful  #detoursweater  - one crocheter wanted to make a cowl with these stitches, so I agreed to draw and describe my suggestions for HIM (yep, ladies! ) - it's awesome when customers come up with interesting ideas for my patterns.
  • I just need to share this black version of mydetoursweaterpattern
    5 days ago by conceptcreative I just need to share this black version of my   #detoursweater  pattern  . . Thank you,  @lookingforbestthings  for showing it from every side! Looks perfect on you! . . Happy crocheting weekend, friends!

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Free People tunic

Free People tunic

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