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  • June July and August are the least productive months for
    6 days ago by conceptcreative June, July and August are the least productive months for me - without rain I can hardly move because of seasonal pollinosis. I try to spend all weekends either high in the mountains or at the sea - in any region with different vegetation. For the same reason my holiday destinations should be in another climate, possibly in June, July or August. . Taking drugs helps a bit, but I feel exhausted most of the time, have slight fever and look like I have not slept for several nights (so I prefer to lay around whenever I can ). No wonder, because
  • Adding a bit texture to my crochet project
    7 days ago by conceptcreative Adding a bit texture to my crochet project...
  • Im usually very careful with colorfulcakeyarns they should not interfere
    1 week ago by conceptcreative I'm usually very careful with colorful  #cakeyarns  - they should not interfere with the constantly changing stitch patterns and distract our attention with the unnecessary color changes. And cake yarns are very handy in monotonous (mostly basic) stitch patterns, where we get bored even by several continuously repeated rows and can't wait till the end of the project . I think Sonata  @knitsfits  has found the right balance here: on one hand, the texture of the upper part was not lost among the color changes, on the other hand, the colorful rows of the skirt have added a sense of sophistication and a very
  • Thats how my project looked like on Friday now its
    6 hours ago by conceptcreative That's how my project looked like on Friday (now it’s longer ). Will try to take better pictures before I go on holiday in July.
  • Great idea byfrequentiaon Ravelry  she accentuated her waist with
    5 days ago by conceptcreative Great idea by frequentia on Ravelry - she accentuated her waist with a darker brown hue (also present along the hem and at neckline). Congratulations on finishing this   #crochettop  ! . P.S. This   #crochetpattern   is on Ravelry, Etsy, Lovecrafts (aka Lovecrochet) and my shop

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Maxi Long Skirt

My wife Elena, posing for me, wearing my latest creation I managed to complete with the precious assistance and advice of my dearest friend Inna!!!!

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    Dear Vaggelis,

    Thank you so much for sharing! Elena is gorgeous!

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